Space is the Place takes us on a out of the ordinary journey through time and space, and into the mind of jazz musician Sun Ra.


Prior to watching the film I had little knowledge of Sun Ra, but have since done some research and discovered he is a musician who believed himself to be subject to an alien abduction and discover he was actually born on Saturn. He spent many of his years preaching the message of black people and how music could change the world. Both of these are messages with come across strongly in the film.


The film has a confusing plot in which Sun Ra dressed in Egyptian style gold discovers a new planet, accessible by music, and that he intends to bring only black people here so they can prove a point to the whites. He then plays a card game with ‘The Overseer’ (Raymond Johnson) in which they travel through time and compete for the future of black future. From here there are many different ‘episodes’ that vary from the bizarre sexual encounters and awkward interviews, to strong political speeches. All of this intermixed with exploratory and futuristic sounding jazz (performed by Sun Ra and His Intergalatic Solar Arkestra).


Much of the film is spent trying to figure out if you’re enjoying it, as whilst it is extremely low budget and the performances are pretty awful. It is wonderful just from being so weird and unpredictable…

I imagine if someone were a fan of Sun Ra then the Space is The Place would be more interesting than to the average viewer, however as a lover of all things film related I have to say that it is definitely one of the most unique cinema experiences I’ve ever had.