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A Cloverfield ‘sequel’ that has little to do with the original film; allows for a refreshing, claustrophobic thriller.


10 Cloverfield Lane is an odd film, which could easily stand on it’s own without the use of the ‘Cloverfield’ franchise. It is a film which treads over old ground and on the face of it could be extremely cliché as it has predictable characters and a re-hased plot… however it counteracts this with fantastic performances, deep tension and a bonkers final act.

A slow-burner of a film it begins with Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) being injured a car crash. She later wakes up in a bunker to discover she has been ‘saved’ by conspiracy nut Howard (John Goodman), as an unknown attack has taken place on America. She must then figure out whether to trust Howard and the bunkers inhabitant Emmett (John Gallagher Jr.) or attempt to escape.


As the plot progresses the tension mounts and mounts and mounts in a way that is reminiscent of Hitchcock in his best works (and if you’re a reader of this blog you’ll know how much I love the Hitch). Once it starts the film simply doesn’t let the audience go, continuing to pile on more and more tension, with Goodman excelling in the ‘is he or isn’t he a villain’ role.

When the film finally comes to an end it is almost a relief as you feel you can breathe again. And then there are aliens.



A poorly mannered American is crowned the King of England, in this typical early nineties fish out of water comedy.

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When the opening sequence of a film contains the death of the entire royal family in a bizarre photography accident; it is instantly clear that the film is going to be a over-the-top, stupid and meaningless comedy. And that’s precisely what King Ralph is and it does a great job.


John Goodman stars as Ralph, the stereotypical ‘stupid American’ who is taken from a poorly paid Vegas piano bar job to be schooled in etiquette by the stereotypically ‘posh Britain’ Peter O’Toole. And as you’d expect the jokes and situations abound in delightful manners; be it Ralph attempting to ride a horse or the mis-interpretation of ‘fox-hunting’ as going after ladies.

Of-course on top of this there is a the cheesy romance with British commoner (Camille Coduri) and an evil plot to be overthrown by the next person in line to the throne (John Hurt), but these sub-plots simply fill up the time as all you really care about is laughing at Goodman.


The film is stereotypical in every possible way; everything about it is horrendously cheesy and obvious, but none of that matters. Each actor (which you’d expect from such a high-profile bunch) performs excellently and a majority of the jokes are genuinely funny.

King Ralph is a film that is sure to be hated by those who prefer comedy of a higher class. However if you view the film for what it is then it’s thoroughly enjoyable and will definitely cheer you up on a cold winters day.