An old-school thriller pumped full of tension, Identity rarely breaks new ground but is an entertaining film nonetheless.


Ten strangers all become stranded as the same motel and then one by one are murdered with the identity of the killer unknown. Although the set-up for the film is rather obvious it does a good job of setting up the movie and drawing the audience in through a series of quick and interconnected flashbacks showing how each character arrived there.

Then when everyone is there the fun begins as it becomes a classic ‘whodunnit’ movie with gore, intrigue and lots of twists and turns. It is a tense film that has a surprising amount going for it even if the final twist is rather obvious.


In an ordinary film it is important that the audience has a character to back, a hero to root for. One of the beautiful and most enjoyable things about Identity is that this character doesn’t exist, every one of the people trapped in the motel is shown to be horrible and dislikeable in one way or another. This means that when it comes to guessing who the murderer it could literally be any of them, leading to true edge of your seat viewing.

Identity is thoroughly enjoyable thriller which whilst entertaining offers little more than cheap thrills.