Killer Klowns From Outer Space, a cult classic ‘bad’ movie, is a film that delivers in terms in tone and creativity but is let down by its lack of gore and disappointing murders.


The opening of Killer Klowns From Outer Space is one of the slowest and most disappointing you can get from the low-budget horror genre. There is an expectation in these films to get off to a fast start; establishing the threat and setting the audience up for the next hour and twenty minutes. Killer Klowns does not do this… in the first ten minutes only one person dies and then he is just shot by a laser gun; the rest of the opening is spent establishing characters who don’t really have any depth.


Then after a ridiculously long time the film does finally pick up and becomes enjoyable as we see Klowns creatively use circus items to help them murder villagers with a particular interest in capturing townsfolk in candy floss cocoons. Many of the murders are funny, imaginative and delivered after great one-liners but also extremely toned down. There is a distinct lack of blood and guts that makes the film seem childish and stops any threat from actually existing. None of the deaths feel real in the slightest and thus there is no sense of tension or danger in the final act. It is just really toned down with the focus more on having ‘cool’ deaths than actually making them look good.


The film is despite its disappointments still extremely entertaining as a genre piece, it delivers exactly what the title sets it up to do and does so in a unique and unexpected way. The jokes are on point and it looks really good, with the Klowns and circus tent in particular creating haunting imagery.

Killers Klowns From Outer Space is then a film which has mixed results… I can see why it is considered a cult classic but for me it just left me disappointed and wanting gore.