Pee Wee returns to the big screen after a long absence but forgets to update its joke for a modern day audience.


As a British person born in the 90’s I know very little about Pee-Wee Herman other than Pee Wee’s Big Adventure (1985) – which I watched only because it was directed by Tim Burton. Big Adventure is a film which whilst not fantastic has its moments so I hoped that Big Holiday would be a similar form of mild entertainment.


Unfortunately it’s not as the filmmakers repeat tired and cliché jokes that are just not funny. It feels like you’re watching a talking Mr. Bean whilst on a bad trip. There is little to laugh at as the jokes come straight from the 80’s with characters and performances following a similar pattern. The nature of Pee-Wee as a boy-child who is obviously a bit older than in previous films just left me feeling sad… rather than laughing with Pee-Wee I increasingly pitied him.


The film also stars “famous” actor Joe Manganiello as a fictional version of himself in what is a stupid and ridiculous plot-point with a model-making scene being the ‘emotional core’ of the film but failing to have any impact.

Maybe if you grew up watching Pee-Wee and viewed the film nostalgically it would be funny or if you were five years old. But for me it was simply a waste of time.


Bonus Video:

To showcase how unfunny the film is watch two minutes of Pee-Wee making fart sounds with a balloon – hilarious.