Zootropolis is highly engaging and funny film, which also succeeds in raising many points about modern society. It is essentially Animal Farm for the 21st Century.


In Zootropolis all mammals (primates aside) live in a high-tech society similar to our own, they drive cars, use mobile phone and even have a functioning government. It is because of an ‘anyone can be anything’ policy that a tiny rabbit Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) is able to become the first ‘bunny cop’ despite her stature compared to the rest of the force.

As the film continues we find that although she may have succeeded to some extent in being accepted by the larger mammals they still hold her and her fellows in disregard. So with the help of sly fox, Wilde (Jason Bateman) she sets about cracking the case and changing the world.


The story is typical of a kids animated movie and it rarely moves on from this, however the style and tone in which the story is told makes it an immediately engaging and deeply metaphorical film, which pushes boundaries and is reasonably forceful in its beliefs. Anyone over the age of 10 will no doubt get the statement it wants to make and that’s the beauty of the film.


But politics aside the film is wonderful to watch as it is a truly funny and reasonably unique film which will probably stand the test of time.