Batman and Superman finally meet on the big screen (Lego Movie aside) and fight… for about two minutes in a two and a half hour movie.


Batman V Superman is a superhero film that forgets it has superheroes. The first three-quarters of the film we see drawn out conversations, pointless dream sequences and lots of political and religious talk. But almost nothing of the heroes… the film has almost no action for a long time so by the time the characters actually come to life you just don’t care.

During the final act of the film when the action actually begins the film drastically improves with Ben Affleck impressing in scenes when he’s Batman, but being increasingly dull in scenes as Bruce Wayne – how an actor can give both a great performance and bland one in the same film I don’t know… but somehow Affleck does it. It’s just a shame that the bat is given little screen time.


It is also lucky that the film has two saving graces from the lack of tension between the two title characters. Coming in the psychotic Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) and the mysterious Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). They both make their roles entertaining and add a real spark to the film, with Gadot particularly carrying the final set pieces of the film.


The entire experience is a disappointing one as the film doesn’t deliver on it’s title, there is never really any sense of hatred created between the two leads and therefore when they actually fight it feels pointless. The fact that the fight between the two is ridiculously short before they become friends also leaves you feel let down as one of them doesn’t seem to really struggle at all (I won’t say which).


What the film does deliver on though is the subtitle ‘Dawn Of Justice’ as the filmmaker seg in videos of Aquaman and the Flash before a lengthy speech about making a team. Whereas Marvel spent years carefully crafting their team it seems DC are doing it in one move and at this point I’m unsure how it will turn out… but if Wonder Woman returns then so will I.