British romantic comedies are generally built much more on awkward situations than their America counterparts that tend to be much more story driven. Man Up delivers awkward by the bucket load and from all sides; it’s just a shame that’s it not funnier.


The film stars Lake Bell as Nancy, a single 34 year old, who Jack (Simon Pegg) accidentally presumes to be his blind date. Rather than correct Jack, Nancy decides to go along with it and the two go on a date that only increases with awkwardness as ex-partners, stalkers, lies and alcohol mix together.

The problem is that whilst the film succeeds in creating an awkward atmosphere it just isn’t funny. You spend the entire film with a half-cringe, half-smile on your face but you never laugh as neither character is particularly comic. Even moments that you’d expect to be funny (Simon Pegg crying in a toilet) aren’t as you feel sorry and embarrassed by his patheticness rather than amused by the reasons for his being there.


Built on a solid situation Man Up is a film that whilst generally likeable just doesn’t deliver the jokes.