A satirical film about the effect that an over-abundance of cheap horror/gore movies is having on society released two years before Scream, Serial Mom is a film which seems to have purposefully been made to be terrible.


The film starts with a title card reading ‘the following is based on a true story’ (something which it isn’t), before introducing us to a ‘typical’ suburban family enjoying breakfast. Right from this point the performances and dialogue come across as completely forced and awkward… everything about it feels like the filmmakers and actors have no idea what they’re doing, only they clearly do and that is the genius of the film.

Then as the film begins properly we discover that the Mom (mum) of the family (Kathleen Turner) is a raging psychopath who commits murder for mundane reasons that just barely make sense. The murders are ridiculous, cliché and gory in all the right measures to be a perfect parody of horror movies and the references are toned down enough to not dominate in the way they do in Scream.


It is a wonderful film to watch when you see it for what it is; take this film too seriously however and it will come across as terrible.