Jack Deth returns for the worst film in the franchise as the writers make major (and nonsensical) changes to everything that made the first three films fun.


Going into Trancers 4, I was filled with a mix of both excitement and dread. Part of me knew it was most likely going to be terrible but I hoped that the crew would stick to the gritty realism that made the first three (particularly the first two) films so enjoyable.

Ten minutes into the film I knew I was wrong. Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson – the films only remaining star) had been transported into a parallel universe filled with monotonic actors dressed in period garb. The sets and costumes just looked horrible and everything just felt cheap and forced. There is little to enjoy in the film as the characters plod through their lines without putting any emotion into their roles.


The filmmakers even change the Trancers… no longer are they are mind-controlled ‘zombies’ but instead they are now essentially vampires who suck the life out of people. This change is referenced in the film using the words ‘vampire and zombie’ which only makes the comparison even more cringe worthy. What I liked about the first films is that although the Trancers where essentially zombies they had their own quirk and felt almost original. In this film they do not and it’s just so disappointing.

The only positive from the film is Jack Deth, who somehow remains entertaining despite all that’s going on around him… although his emotional core has been taken apart by the writing team he is still dominates the screen and his use of wit and sarcasm remains funny. It’s just a shame about everything else.


The thing that annoyed me most about the film is that it seemed to forget its routes… the original film was about a guy from the future coming back in time. There are fish-out-of-water jokes and fights in settings such as nightclubs and malls – places the audience can relate to. Setting Trancers 4 in an alternate universe and a weird medieval setting for me just makes no sense… surely it would have been cheaper to send him to the past again and the money saved could have been spent on a new writing team?

Trancers IV is so horribly disappointing that it makes you want to forget it even exists.