Junebug is your typical dry indie ‘comedy’. Unfortunately this particular film forgets to include an interesting plot and any jokes.


The film tells the story of Madeleine (Embeth Davidtz), a big city art dealer who has recently married. When she has to visit a newly discovered artist in the American south, she and her husband take the time to visit his kooky and eccentric family. Including his pregnant sister-in-law Ashley (Amy Adams).

It is a typical ‘outsider’ tale that is overly reliant on the awkward relationship between Madeleine and the family. The problem is that this relationship is not so awkward as boring. There is no one in the film to back and many of the scenes are just drawn out. The entire film just feels pointless. It doesn’t move anywhere, doesn’t make a real point and doesn’t even really explore the environment. It is just scene after scene of Amy Adams being dumb whilst Embeth Davidtz apologises and acts posh.


The film also has a horrible mish-mash of characters… it seems that every character either makes no sense or changes personality on a whim, it just makes the entire thing difficult to watch. I’m all for films of this genre containing quirky characters, but when their quirk is they talk a lot about pregnancy (Amy Adams) or simply stand around looking glum (Scott Wilson as the father-in-law) I just don’t find it either entertaining nor amusing. I’ve read reviews saying that a lot of this film is given in the hidden meanings and subtleties of the performances and whilst I can understand how this might appeal to some… but not this reviewer.


Junebug is a boring film that probably has some sort of hidden message, I’m not one to watch a film with no plot three times to maybe understand a minor characters motivation.