A kung-fu film disguised as a slapstick farce, A Chine Odyssey is an insanely enjoyable and stupidly silly movie with Gods, monsters and time travel.


The film follows Joker (Stephen Chow) the leader of a gang of robbers who happen across two beautiful women. These women turn out to be goddesses/demons (one of them transforming into a giant spider and the other into a white mask wearing flying something – I’m not quite sure). These goddesses/demons are hunting for the Monkey King, an ancient God who is due to return. They are however not the only ones leading to lots of fights and changes of allegiances as Joker attempts to survive whilst also discovering who he really is. (I think that’s the basic plot anyway… the film is incredibly fast paced and confusing).

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The plot however is really just used as an excuse to make fantastic action sequences and stupid jokes. There are fantastic monsters (all created without the use of CGI), lots and lots of fighting and lots of jokes. Stephen Chow – who I always enjoy – is on top form in a wimpier role than he’s usually given. His reactions and comic timing are sensationally funny and you can see that he knows it too. The most memorable joke by far is the shout of “Master your cock is burning” before repeated stamping on the said area to extinguish the fire.


The film is just so utterly hard to explain or even fathom thinking about that I’m struggling to come up with the right words. It is on one side a complete pile of trash with a plot that makes no sense and ridiculous characters… but then somehow it is much more than that, it is complex yet stupid, hilarious yet annoying but it unlike almost anything you’ll see.

The Chinese Odyssey Part One is a strange film to describe and one that needs to be seen rather than read about. I’m just hope that when I watch Part Two in the coming days my head will stop spinning and the plot will fall into place.