The Family Man is a ridiculously clichéd film that has nothing going for it, except that it stars Nicolas Cage who as always is a delight to watch.


Starting at an airport we see Jack Campbell (Cage) and Kate (Tea Leoni) parting ways. Kate begs Jack to stay, but Jack being an aspiring businessman leaves. 13 years later Jack is a mega-rich – and lonely – stockbroker about to sign a multi-billion dollar deal… until he has an encounter with Cash (Don Cheadle) who magically transforms his life; taking away the money and flash cars and replacing them with a standard middle-class life.


This then allows Cage to do what he does best and go crazy as he adapts to low-income, parenthood and marriage. The script is poorly written with almost no jokes… but somehow Cage turns what would be complete trash into something mesmerising. For much of the film Cage keeps his performance toned down and plays if fairly straight… but there are several moments in which he is allowed to enter ‘Cage mode’ and boy does he. The film is worth watching for several Cage moments with his delivery of one off-lines such as ‘prick’, ‘mumbo jumbo’ and ‘ta-da!’ being particularly memorable. It’s just a shame that the supporting cast and the story of the film can’t keep up with him.


Aside from Cage’s performance the film is a bore with cliché after cliché layered on to the audience in an attempt to make them ‘feel good’, which is does not.

For any Nic Cage fan this film is a must-see but if for some reason you are someone who doesn’t like Cage you should avoid at all costs.