Danny DeVito and Martin Lawrence go head-to-head as to who is more despicable as they fight over a ‘lucky’ ring.


What’s the Worst That Could Happen? is an amusing film with several good moments that is led down by its lack of likeable characters and a mixed tone.

In the film Kevin (Lawrence) is a burglar who is caught robbing the rich Max (DeVito). Max takes the opportunity to steal a ring from Lawrence. This leads to a ridiculous and petty revenge plot as they two become increasingly obsessive about having the ring. It is essentially Gollum vs Bilbo in a comic 21st Century setting, and whilst it makes one smile there is little to actually laugh about.


One of the few laughs comes from William Fichtner who plays a camp detective investigating DeVito’s corrupt banker. Fichtner performs the role perfectly bring comedy to the role and finding the perfect balance between cliché and offensiveness. It is a ridiculous performance that brightens the film with him becoming most memorable performer.


DeVito and Lawrence both play their typecast characters. DeVito is a scumbag, corrupt banker and Lawrence a cocky burglar. The problem is that they both take their characters to far to the dark that the audience doesn’t relate to them and therefore doesn’t find them either dramatic or funny. I think we’re supposed to relate to Lawrence’s character but he does nothing to justify being liked as all he does is commit crime after crime.

There are also several jokes in the film that make no sense and are so ridiculous that even a child wouldn’t find them funny, with the main example being Martin Lawrence blinking in a ridiculous manner whenever he tells a lie. This ‘plot-point’ is just plain stupid and really takes you out of the movie.

Watch this film and you’ll get pretty much what you expect. A few funny sequences and little more, it’s generally ok. I’d recommend watching this just because you can, after all ‘What’s the Worst That Could Happen?’