Completing a film-a-day challenge has many difficulties, mostly in finding films you want to watch. It gets to the stage where watching good movies is a little tiresome and you need a break from OSCAR nominated dramas, indie comedies and foreign language gems.

This break for me came in the form of Kevin James’s Zookeeper, which I watched literally because it was the first film to come up on Netflix, and serves as a reminder as to why I should never take a break from ‘good’ films again.


Zookeeper is an truly awful ‘comedy’ that has no jokes aside from Kevin James falling down (we’ve never seen that before).

The first fifteen minutes of the film are copeably bad, setting James up as a hapless zookeeper and hopeless romantic. Then the animals talk and it gets worse and worse. Now I knew nothing of this film going in and was rather surprised to see it was talking animal picture but not in a good way. Maybe kids like to see Adam Sandler voice a monkey who makes poop jokes…


Zookeeper is simply a dire and convuluted mess, with plot points that make no sense and characters who change completely on a whim. Everytime there is a good opportunity to make an actually funny joke, the film pulls away from it. I feel as if the writers had a script that was good then someone came along, looked at it and said ‘gee that’s an interesting take on a break-up movie, but we want to target this film at kids so instead lets turn the leads best friend into a talking gorilla and cast Kevin James. Those kids do love it when he falls over.’


So if you like Kevin James and more importantly Kevin James falling over then this is a film for you. If not you should stick to better movies and avoid random Netflix recommendations.