The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared is a delightful Swedish comedy that is most easily described as a black comic version of Forrest Gump, with explosions and elephants.


The film has two different stories revolving around the 100 Year-Old Man (Robert Gustaffson). The first shows on him on his 100th Birthday escaping from an old peoples home – I bet you can’t guess how he does it? – and accidentally coming across €50 million. He is then pursued by and murders members of a biker gang in hilarious ways in a typical black comic story.

The second story tells his life story as we see the impact this seemingly anonymous old man has had on world history. In various sequences we see him meet (and party with) world leaders including Stalin, Harry S. Truman, Popov – it is also revealed that he helped create the atomic bomb amongst other things. He also befriends Albert Einsteins idiot brother Herbert during a stay at the Gulag. The entire thing is ridiculous but in a fantastical sort of way so there is no harm done.


The two stories of the film merge together into a fantastic film which is laugh out loud funny at several points. The film has many great moments that stick with an audience and is extremely light-hearted and silly but in a charismatic way.

It also looks fantastic and is cleverly written with none of the transitions between the past and present seeming unbelievable… even though they are ridiculous. The OSCAR nominated hair and make-up is also wonderful as they create a 100 Year-Old man who genuinely looks a 100 years old.


It is a nice film that offers little more than a light-hearted laughs and a charming story.