The latest live-action remake of a classic Disney cartoon brings nothing new to a classic fairytale story in a beautiful, but unoriginal film.


Remaking a fairytale that everyone knows and loves is always a difficult task as if you stray too far from the original story you are likely to annoy an audience. This film however has the opposite problem, it sticks too closely to it’s source material that it ends up becoming a boring, stretched out film which does little more than look amazing.

Look amazing the film does and this covers up much of the boredom of the plot as your brain is free to enjoy the sumptuous sets and amazing costumes. The costumes are particularly great as they draw the eye and sum up each character through the use of colour and patterns. The most talked about dress will always be the crystal covered blue ball-gown that Cinderella wears in the ballroom scene, however for me it is the yellow and black dress worn by Cate Blanchette’s evil Stepmother that is the most elegant.


The best scene and character of the film by far comes from the cameo-length performance by Helena Bonham Carter as the Fairy Godmother. She brings some much needed comedy to the film which is lacking charm and brings it in spades in a truly hilarious and fast-paced transformation sequence. This single scene is so good that I would even say it’s worth watching the entire movie just for it, it lifts the film from average to something just above average.

helena-bonham-carter-in-cinderella Cinderella is a film which whilst offering nothing new is worth watching for its high quality design and the performance of Helena Bonham Carter.