Enemy is a fantastic psychological thriller that offers an intense, gripping and mind-mangling experience. With one of the strangest endings you are likely to see.


Looking at Enemy from a purely plot perspective it is a pretty standard doppleganger movie. Adam (Jake Gylenhaal), a fed-up history teacher, discovers Anthony (also Gylenhaal), an ‘actor’ who is both his physical twin and his mental opposite. As the two get drawn closer to each other both of their lives take dramatic turns.

However Enemy is not a doppleganger movie at all. In fact the guise of the plot is one of the things that make this film so interesting. In my opinion (and with my best attempts at not giving spoilers) I would describe Enemy as an alien invasion film without the aliens. Now if you haven’t seen the film this may come across as a weird thing to say but those who have will hopefully, after some thought, agree.


The first time we see Adam he is teaching a class and making a huge speech about government control throughout history; he cites the Roman Empire using ‘bread and circuses to keep the populous busy’. We then discover that Adam doesn’t watch movies and is thus on the outside of the modern populous. Is it than any coincidence that Adam as soon as Adam is turned to a movie it is one that contains his doppleganger?

Now I won’t go into any further detail on my theories here as this part of my blog is for reviews and also the fact that I haven’t quite fully figured out exactly what my thoughts are yet. The film is so full of hidden messages that it probably needs several in-depth watches to fully figure out exactly what the directors intentions are.


An amazing film with so many layers, Enemy is a deep psychological thriller that will stick in the mind for some time.