Trancers II takes places six years after the first film and continues where the first film left off. Just like the original movie it is a slick sci-fi film with great action sequences, comic moments and genuinely thrillers.


The film starts with a voiceover by main character Jack Deth (the returning Tim Thomerson) who hurriedly explains what has happened in the time between the two films and sets up the story for this film. Although this voiceover is annoying at first it soon becomes extremely important as the narrative of the film proves to be fast paced and unpredictable with multiple returning and new characters interacting with Deth in various ways.

Although the film is not as stylistic and darkly themed as the first in the series it also a lot more rounded. The plot is much more complicated but works nicely and keeps you guessing as to what happens; the new villain Dr. Wardo and his Trancer farm proves to be a much more tense obstacle than the cop of Trancers.


The film also improves the titular Trancers. In the sequel they are much more threatening; they look better and are more numerous. This allows Thomerson to be more of action star and showcase his badass qualities with one-liner and all. The more I watch of this series the more I realize what a great and underrated action character Jack Deth is.


Overall Trancers II is a film which works fantastically both as a sequel and as a standalone film. Whilst being more intense and well thought out than the first film it also keeps all the charm and action.


Bonus Quote:

“Oh My God! It is you, the only man I’ve ever had sex with!” – Alice Stillwell (Jack Deth’s future wife upon meeting him in the past)