Starring Steve Martin, The Man With Two Brains is as with many other films starring Martin a quirky comedy filled with a variety of jokes.


If you are a fan of comedy; be it situational, physical, satire, parody or lewd sex jokes then there is a guarantee that you will find at least some of this film funny. In the opening ten minutes it makes use of all of these comic elements setting up a ridiculous story filled with absurd characters.

Steve Martin plays Dr. Hfuhruhurr, a brain surgeon who falls in love with one of his patients Dolores (Kathleen Turner). After saving her life he manages to marry her but finds that she won’t let him make love to her. It is beautifully set up and allows for many fantastic jokes about sexual frustration and marriage alongside more physical ones such as Steve Martin punching a window. The opening half of the film is amazingly crafted.


Then the film changes and moves away from the ridiculous and into the area of downright farcical as Hfuhruhurr falls in love with a brain that he develops a telepathic connection with; whilst also realizing that Dolores is only with him for the money. The comic style here shifts away for a long period and instead of witty one-liners we are left with stupid dances and bad spiderman impressions; it all just becomes too much.


The film does bring it back towards the end with some of the best and most quotable jokes coming in the last act, but even with these it is just not as enjoyable as the opening scenes. I’m sure that many people will disagree with me on the absurdity of the film and argue that the second half is better than the first… but I just can’t see it. The first half had me laughing loudly and consistently whereas the second only produced light chuckles.



Steve Martin delivers a memorable line and an insult that I will most likely use at some point.