Trancers is a cult sci-fi movie that is ridiculously entertaining to watch, giving everything you want from an 80’s B-Movie… violence, zombies, time-travel and bad puns.


From the futuristic opening sequence in which lead character Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson) “singes” a Trancer – a mind controlled zombie-esque person in the guise of a waitress, the film sets itself up perfectly to be a gritty action, thriller.

Deth then heads back in time to hunt down the rogue mind controller Whistler and stop him from killing the ancestors of the futures world leaders. However time travel is not as simple as it seems and instead of going through a time machine, Deth is sent back to the body of his ancestor.


In 1980’s LA, Deth meets Leena (Helen Hunt) and the two fall for each other as they run around in hunt for Whistler (whose is using a policeman ancestor) as a disguise. From here the film is all thrill as it becomes a game of cat and mouse with both sides having their ups and downs.

The performance of Tim Thomerson as Jack Deth is the glue that holds the film together. He gets the gritty badass cop from the future role down to the tee, providing the exact right amount of comedy to the situation whilst also proving handy in a fight and being full of quick comebacks. This character and his relationship with Leena turns the film from sci-fi trash to pure entertainment in a film that has a ridiculous amount of charm and wit.


Yes the low-budget of the film is obvious through the set design, but that doesn’t matter as it uses this to it’s advantage. It’s portrayal of 80’s LA is a gritty and depressing one, however its impression of the future is even more depressing. Trancers offers the audience a look at a strange dystopian future with LA underwater and no coffee or beef. Although this is more of a glance as most of the film takes places in the gritty LA of the 80’s it is more than enough to set up the film and works wonderfully as part of the story.

Trancers is a cult classic film which has a wide audience and after watching it I have to say that I am part of the cult and will be watching the five sequels (yes five!) in the next few weeks.