After years in development hell, Deadpool finally arrives on our screens and provides everything expected… it is a super-meta, hilarious and violent film that provides multiple laughs but ultimately feels just a bit gimmicky.


There has been such much hype surrounding the release of Deadpool that it was hard not to get excited by the concept of the film. After all a smart-ass superhero, who breaks the fourth wall and kills in incredibly gory ways sounds like the dream of many hardcore comic fans; and whilst it does deliver what it says on the tin it is dragged down by its over-simplified story.

It is a typical origin story in that we see ex-mercenary Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) in his happy life before gaining powers. Then when he gets terminal cancer he signs up for a dangerous experiment that ends with him becoming both horrifically ugly and invincible (with his sense of humour also surviving). This leads to a revenge plot where the newly masked Deadpool goes on the hunt for the mutants who caused his disfiguration.


The plot is thread-like but its lack of depth allows the audience to concentrate on the important stuff. Deadpool himself. Ryan Reynolds delivery of this role is astounding as he perfectly gets the dry sarcasm and dark humour of the character onto the screen. The constant breaking of the fourth wall at random (and inconvenient moments) adds an extra dimension and makes for enthralling viewing – although I’m not sure how many of the jokes will stand up in five years.

There are so many fantastic moments in the film and it moves between scenes and jokes with such speed that it really easy to miss some. It feels as if there’s another even more meta layer hidden somewhere underneath that cannot be seen on a first viewing.


The fight sequences (of which there many) are wonderfully choreographed and the gore, although obviously CGI is one of the better attempts you’ll see in current cinema. The use of X-man Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) also works well as he provides a enormous threat whilst his serious attitude acts in great contrast to Deadpool’s lavishness.

For all its flaws Deadpool is a fantastic film that does what you want, it is a very refreshing film for Marvel to make; although I do have my doubts if it will stand the test of time as its over-reliance on pop-culture jokes and penis gags may put off future generations.

8/10 (now – I’ll review again in 5 years and see if it stands up)