Attack The Block is a fun movie that does exactly what the premise says. It is far from groundbreaking but has enough charm and wit to make entertaining viewing.

On iMDB the films synopsis reads: “A teen gang in South London defend their block from an alien invasion”, and this short succinct thirteen word sentence sums up the entire film, which doesn’t try to over-complicate anything.

The film is stuffed with stereotypical London characters; the gang of hoodies fronted by Moses (John Boyega) being the most obvious example. From the outset they go around in their hoods and on their BMX’s, joking about stuff and generally not taking life very seriously. Even when attacked by aliens they still find time to joke around as an escape from the situation. They respond to every event in the film just the way that you’d expect and whilst this does add a certain realism to the film it doesn’t bring anything unique to it.

An over-reliance on jokes is also part of the films downfall as many of them are just not as funny as they could be. The entire experience brings a smile to ones face but laugh out loud jokes are rare to come by; this results in a feeling of being teased, as you feel as if the film could become amazing at any point. But it doesn’t.

For all the fun that is to be had in the film with its fast-paced chase sequences, gore and unique looking aliens it all feels pointless. There is no heart to the film or real depth to any of the characters… there is just nothing to really care about.

Attack the Block is a film that leaves you feeling indifferent; whilst it’s a fun way to spend an hour and a half it does little more than provide light entertainment.