Danny Dyer tiptoes around a lot in a “comedy” that is hilariously bad.


One of my cinematic obsessions is “good-bad” films; films that are so terrible in every aspect that they become brilliant in their badness. These films are entertaining, often silly and most importantly extremely watchable; and Run For Your Wife is all of these.

With its over-the-top acting, poorly dressed sets, predictable story and plain lighting it becomes instantly obvious that the film is an adaptation of a stage play. With cheesy jokes making the film feel as if it was written twenty years ago (the play was written and performed in the 80’s). And that is what makes the film so wonderful, it is filled with memorable one-liners my person favourite “How can I convince people I’m homosexual when I can barely convince them I’m homosapien.”

run for your wife

The shoddily written dialogue is not the only aspect of the film that makes it work though; the entire film is held up by Dyer’s performance which is so insanely overblown that its difficult to keep a straight face. Watching Dyer walk around on his tiptoes, steal newspapers and abseil from a window are all must seen comic moments however him getting is the head by the rake takes the award, in a perfect Sideshow Bob moment.


A series of “celebrity” cameos occur throughout the film, however there are mostly from old TV stars and theatre actors and therefore either go missed or are not famous enough to recognised. Seeing Rolf Harris and Cliff Richard as buskers however is worth looking out for.


The film is universally hated by critics and often appears in ‘worst film of all time’ lists and rightly so; it made just £602 at the UK Box Office for its £900,000 budget (how someone approved giving this much money for this film I will never know) and is terrible in every sense. A must see.

Enjoyability – 9/10

Actual rating – 2/10