Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a hilarious male rom-com, that achieves a balance between genuine jokes, good characters and an entertaining story.


This is the first film that I am revisiting this year, having already seen the film before many years ago. In fact the only other time I watched this film was when I was a fourteen year old sneaking into a fifteen certificate film… and as you’d expect I have grown up and my tastes have changed majorly over that period of time – for the better I hope!


As for the film, it is much better than I recalled – the only joke my fourteen year-old self recalled was seeing Jason Segel’s penis – with laugh-out-loud moments scattered across the film in a brilliantly timed script. Nearly every scene has a fantastic joke that also drives the story forward and that is something that is rare for the modern crop of comedies. It also does well to avoid the trap of falling into too many low-brow jokes with sex gags kept minimal so they therefore still make maximum impact (I still laughed at Jason Segel’s penis).


For all it’s great moments though the film is still just a rom-com, sure it’s funny and you care for the main character. But otherwise there is no bite, nothing that will make the film stand out in a crowded comedy marketplace. It is ever so-slightly too formulaic.