An extremely interesting and satirical look at the future of mankind that suffers from an over-reliance on lowbrow jokes.


Idiocracy is a film which should be better than it is. The premise – an average American travels 500 years into the future to discover that everyone is an idiot – is strong and the film begins well. However once we arrive in the future we find that the film is just an excuse to make terrible fart and sex jokes; which is extremely disappointing.


The film has moments of greatness that get its point across with the use of huge corporations being particularly funny, however most of the films jokes are so stupidly unfunny that they don’t even gain a smirk. Luke Wilson stars as the lead role and he is his usual drab self playing the same down-on-his-luck-but-nice-guy he always does and his performance does little to add to the film.


The film is very confusing in terms of tone and it’s unclear what audience the film was created for. An amalgamation of sci-fi, satire and fart gags that all fall short of success.

For all it’s faults however the film is still very watchable and leaves you with a feeling of concern and contemplation over the future of mankind, so in a way is a success.