A dark comedy about suicide filled with great characters and performances that fails to pack the emotional punch that is both wanted and needed.


The film begins with disgraced TV star Martin (Pierce Brosnan) about to jump from a roof; however when he is interrupted by three other suicidal persons (played by Toni Collette, Aaron Paul and Imogen Poots) a strange friendship forms. The group soon gains the attention of the media and become something of a sensation, stalked by the press and having derogatory articles written about them.


At its best the film is a hilarious and scathing satirical look at suicide, death, depression, the media, disabilities, paedophilia, music, drugs, sex and politics. At it’s worst it is a complete mess as it chooses to attempt to satirise all of the above – in essence whilst it maintains interest there is so much emotional meaning that you come away with none at all.

Sure all the characters are well written, perfectly performed and extremely likeable in all their flaws. It’s just with so much going on it is hard to connect with them; meaning that when the comedy is halted during the final act the true emotions are not felt.


The entire film is a bit disappointing with the level between comedy and drama never quite balancing… funny scenes are followed by extremely serious ones and this contrast making both scenes fall flat. Turning laughter to tears is a difficult thing to do and although the attempt here is made… it is ultimately a failure.


Still, A Long Way Down is extremely enjoyable film to watch on a rainy day. The kind of dark, yet uplifting comedy that although not perfect is successful in turning the gloomy subject of suicide into a somewhat feel-good tale.