Taken Stolen is a typical action film lacking any sort of creativity; saved by a somewhat toned down but still captivating Nicolas Cage performance.


Nicolas Cage is an actor who throughout the years has proven both his ability as an actor (Con Air, Leaving Las Vegas, Adaptation) and his lack of ability (Wicker Man, Ghost Rider, Season of The Witch) whilst retaining a degree of enjoyability and charisma that makes any film starring him extremely watchable; and this is the case in Stolen.


In case the title of the film didn’t make it obvious the plot bears huge similarities to action-thriller Taken (2008). Nicolas Cage plays a father (and bank robber) whose daughter is kidnapped. Cage must then steal ten million dollars in order to pay off the kidnappers and save his daughter. All of this whilst being pursued by the FBI.


Literally everything in the film happens exactly as you’d expect; it is utterly predictable in the best kind of way. A film where it is easy to switch off and enjoy the fast-paced action sequences and car chases.

It also carries just enough emotion to maintain interest mainly through Cage’s performance and makes for a film that is watchable without coming close to being spectacular.