A poorly mannered American is crowned the King of England, in this typical early nineties fish out of water comedy.

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When the opening sequence of a film contains the death of the entire royal family in a bizarre photography accident; it is instantly clear that the film is going to be a over-the-top, stupid and meaningless comedy. And that’s precisely what King Ralph is and it does a great job.


John Goodman stars as Ralph, the stereotypical ‘stupid American’ who is taken from a poorly paid Vegas piano bar job to be schooled in etiquette by the stereotypically ‘posh Britain’ Peter O’Toole. And as you’d expect the jokes and situations abound in delightful manners; be it Ralph attempting to ride a horse or the mis-interpretation of ‘fox-hunting’ as going after ladies.

Of-course on top of this there is a the cheesy romance with British commoner (Camille Coduri) and an evil plot to be overthrown by the next person in line to the throne (John Hurt), but these sub-plots simply fill up the time as all you really care about is laughing at Goodman.


The film is stereotypical in every possible way; everything about it is horrendously cheesy and obvious, but none of that matters. Each actor (which you’d expect from such a high-profile bunch) performs excellently and a majority of the jokes are genuinely funny.

King Ralph is a film that is sure to be hated by those who prefer comedy of a higher class. However if you view the film for what it is then it’s thoroughly enjoyable and will definitely cheer you up on a cold winters day.