The final film I watched on this challenge was another 2000’s independent film which somehow seem to have become the most popular films inside the fifty.


Violet & Daisy follows two teen assassins who struggle to balance murder with their girlhood – what lets the film down however is that it struggles to find its own identity and wants to be Pulp Fiction.


Right from the start this is clear as the two girls discuss trivial matters in the opening scene moments before committing a brutal murder – the film also adopts a non-linear narrative jumping between characters in a similar fashion and to be honest feels incredibly forced.


The script is a complete muddle with the girls acting like mature women one second before suddenly reverting to being stupid little girls the next – this makes t difficult to connect with the characters and enjoy the film.

Picture 55_James Gandolfini.jpg

The film does star James Gandolfini as one of the girls targets and his performance is the highlight of an extremely mediocre film.


Story – 2/5

Style – 2/5

Technical – 4/5

Enjoyment – 2/5