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As this 50 Film Challenge comes close to the end I decided to delve into Studio Ghibli animation for something fresh and interesting and definitely got what I expected.


Ponyo could be seen as a Ghibli adaptation of the Little Mermaid; it follows a young boy who saves a dying fish – Ponyo – who turns out to have magical powers and uses them to become human herself; causing a shift in the earths gravitational pull and putting the whole of mankind at risk.


However good the story is, is not important as it is the look and style of the film that makes it a wonderful experience. Every frame looks unlike anything you’ve ever seen and the water effects are particularly dazzling. You are truly drawn into this strange underwater world of magic and potions and truly emphasise with Ponyo’s love and want to be human.

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Story – 4/5

Style – 5/5

Technical – 4/5

Enjoyment – 5/5

Total – 18/20 = 9/10