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Sunshine Cleaning is a film which doesn’t seem to know exactly what it is. Whilst well-made and performed there is a sense throughout the film that is almost genreless; I was unsure whether it was a dark comedy or a drama and this confusion ultimately led to boredom from the story, the characters and the realist film style.

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The story follows two sisters who after struggling to make ends meet find a gap in the market by setting up a crime-scene cleaning company – cleaning up blood etc after people have died. The film then reacts to the way in which they each respond to their situation and gives an insight into all areas of each of their lives.


As I have said before the film is boring and muddled and not worth the time to watch.


Story – 2/5

Style – 3/5

Technical – 3/5

Enjoyment – 1/5

Total: 9/20 = 4/10