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Art School Confidential tells the story of Jerome a young painter who enrolls in art school in attempt to woo women. He soon discovers there is more to art school than girls as he attempts to prove his artistic merit whilst fighting against cliché.

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The contrast between originality and cliché is at the centre of the film as all the characters conform to the stereotypes. The entire school is set up purposefully as full of these types as in a series of comic moments the lead character interacts with each of them from a ‘vegan buddhist’ to a ‘nympho whore’. The disappointing thing with the film however is that for all its messages about being original the film itself is highly structured and follows many normal conventions. Until the last twenty minutes (when the film take a dark twist) there is nothing memorable about the film in terms of style or story.

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Art School Confidential is then a film which isn’t bad but isn’t exactly good; it is a film that I would describe as the epitome of mediocrity in every way.


Story – 3/5

Style – 2/5

Technical – 3/5

Enjoyment – 2/5

Overall – 10/20 = 5/10