Screen shot 2014-08-25 at 16.21.43The Killing directed by Stanley Kubrick is an iconic piece of cinema; most notably because it tells its story in a non-linear fashion – something which was unique in the 1950’s. Often cited as a huge influence on Tarantino it is clear to see why. The film is in essence a standard heist film; several men work together to rob a racetrack – however the story is told through each characters individual story meaning that it jumps back to the start at a regular basis. This helps add a lot of mystery to the story as you are never sure until right at the end whether the heist is going to be successful.

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An extremely enjoyable film Kubrick does a great job in building up tension from the first minute to the last. At the beginning the film is full of mystery as characters discuss a ‘big job’ they plan to pull in very vague detail. When the job is revealed the tension mounts higher as we wait and wonder if something will go wrong. All of this is topped off my a fantastically cruel and ironic ending that sticks with you for a long time after the credits.

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I must admit I am a massive fan of Stanley Kubrick and this film showcases why he is considered such a great director; the film was created on a much smaller budget and scale than much of his later work but maintains the essence of his filmmaking; being hugely enjoyable but also thoughtful, well-crafted and technically sound. If you are a fan of Kubrick of heist movies this is a definite watch.


Story – 5/5

Style – 4/5

Technical – 4/5

Enjoyment – 5/5

Total: 18/20 = 9/10