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As something of an amateur to Bollywood cinema (I have previously seen only three India produced films) I decided to give it a go with the highly rated film Like Stars on Earth. The film is directed by and stars the biggest actor in Bollywood Aamir Khan – however he is not the focus of the film.


Dyslexia and learning difficulties are common problems which people have always struggled to accept and that is precisely what this film is about. It follows Ishaan a young boy who cannot read nor write and is bullied by everyone for such. His family treat him as if he is stupid and after some trouble at school send him away to boarding school. Enter Aamir Khan as a kindly art teacher who sees Ishaan’s problems and sets out to help the young boy prove himself.

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The film is a fantastic piece of cinema and almost perfectly formed; it tells a detailed story of a characters life whilst also touching on the bigger issues at play. It delights the audience with jokes, music, bright colours, drama and uplifting moments. The plot which could so easily have delved in cliché’s steers clear of the pot-holes and retains a lot of originality and by the end of the film it is impossible to not be rooting for young Ishaan.

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There are many musical set-pieces in the film used as Bollywood style dictates to break up the story and transition between sscenes and each of these is incredibly unique and use special effects and animation fantastically.


Like Stars on Earth is an amazing film.


Story – 5/5

Style – 5/5

Technical – 4/5

Enjoyment – 5/5

Total – 19/20 = 9/10