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Passport to Pimlico is an Ealing comedy focused on post-WWII Britain. After an unexploded bomb is accidentally set off – residents of Pimlico discover buried treasure and a document stating that Pimlico is technically part of Burgundy and therefore foreign soil.


Evidently chaos ensues from all angles leading to series of hilarious scenes as well a scathing satire on the British political system of the time. However it is the morals of the story that impressed me the most and the way that it still stands true today. The film is essentially about community working together to prove the big-man wrong and stop the industrialization and commercializing of the world. Unfortunately the message failed to hit home at the time with Pimlico like most of central London becoming commercialized and over-priced.

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The jokes in the film also work well and there is good mix of physical comedy with witty one-liners with much of the film being based upon the characters reactions to the bizarre situation they are in. The story of the film is something I have never seen before and it has to praised for its originality and the way it sets up a unique circumstance.

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Passport to Pimlico is exactly what you’d expect from any Ealing comedy and is truly hilarious joy.


Story – 5/5

Style – 4/5

Technical – 4/5

Enjoyment – 5/5