First of I have to say that I am a huge fan of the Inbetweeners and believe the show the best British sitcom since Spaced (sorry Peep Show and IT Crowd fans); perhaps it is because when it started I was roughly the same age of the characters but I find them truly relatable with each of the foursome having a comic element that work perfectly well together. Saying this I was rather disappointed by the first Inbetweeners film which although funny was a trifle too clichéd and didn’t quite work – therefore taking my seat for the second installment I had a quiet sense of dread.


This sense of dread was totally unneeded as the second film makes a huge improvement from the first and is the funniest film I have seen in a long time. From the first minute to the last the entire film is packed full of the lewd, disgusting jokes you expected in what becomes an outlandish and ridiculous journey across Australia.


Alongside the usual ‘banter’ of the film there still remains the physical comedy and social awkwardness of the TV show – one thing I enjoyed was that even having seen the trailers I had no idea what to expect from the film making every joke a new experience so I have to say congratulations to the marketing team.


If you are a fan of the Inbetweeners you will love this film; yes it is a little cliché and the attempts at drama do fail – but they don’t really matter as it is a pure comedy after all.


Story – 3/5

Style – 4/5

Technical – 4/5

Enjoyment – 5/5


Total: 16/20 = 8/10