imagesThis weekend I was lucky enough to have tickets to visit Secret Cinema’s Hill Valley and watch a screening of my favourite film Back to The Future. This was my first experience with Secret Cinema and my first real venture into any sort of event cinema and I have to say it was one of the best and most absurd experiences of my life.


Walking up to the event surrounded by hundreds of people in 1950’s dress – those who weren’t dressed up being the odd ones out – we were greeted by actors doing extremely fake American accents. This was strange and distracting at first however after one conversation it became fun and acceptable with myself even attempting the accent (and failing) a few times. Before you enter phones and photographic devices are confiscated so as not to ruin the event for people, it would be difficult to accept everything for being 1950’s if everyone was Instagramming and tweeting.

 secret cinema

Following this then you are truly entering the 1950’s with the entire town having be built and being interactable. There is a 1950’s schoolbus giving a tour of the square and replicas have been built of the characters houses; a selection of shops and several key locations from the film (such as Hill Valley High School and Lou’s café). It took a few minutes for me to accept what I was seeing – having a view of modern buildings such as the Olympic Park and John Lewis in the backdrop didn’t help – however once I had relaxed it became a wonderfully enjoyable and fully immersive experience; unlike anything I have ever witnessed before.


Exploring the town before the film was joyful particularly learning to dance at the Enchantment Under the Sea ball and talking to a young Goldie Wilson (working in Lou’s café) about he’s going to be mayor one day.


back-to-the-future-The event however truly took off when the film started. Project onto the clock tower it looked wonderful and during key scenes; actors appeared and acted along in almost near perfect synchronisation; to the delight and applause of the extremely happy audience. Particular scenes that worked well include the first appearance of the Do-Lorean, Marty being chased by Biff’s goons around the park and the climatic sequence with Doc Brown on top of the clock tower. Watching these scenes perfectly executed in time to the film was truly sensational and the appeal of such events made obvious.


The only problem I had with the event was how over-priced literally everything was – although that is to be expected the damage it was causing on my wallet did hamper what would have been a perfect night; however it was definitely worth the investment as it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


So whilst the event was wonderful it is the film which makes it – as it is truly a perfect film – every line of dialogue seems perfectly tweaked as does every camera movement and action scene. The film just works and is entertaining in a way that no other film is… I have seen this film countless times and I still find new things that are wonderful every time – the film is so detailed its unbelievable.


The film and the event both score 10/10.


Story – 5/5

Style – 5/5

Technical – 5/5

Enjoyment – 5/5