What happens when you make a film with no script? A boring and almost unwatchable mess – and this is exactly the case with Drinking Buddies. Based on the relationship between two friends (Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson) who work together at a brewery; the film is a will they, won’t they romance made worse bu the fact that they are in each in a long term relationship (with Ron Livingstone and Anna Kendrick respectively).


Using mainly wide angles the film drags on for an hour and half of not much happening; the characters talk – they drink, they talk some more, they go to the beach, they drink, they play cards, they talk. You get the idea. NOTHING HAPPENS! The use of long takes and wide angles also adds to the boredom created by this film which is lacking any sort of structure; I almost feel sorry for the actors – all of whom have proven their ability – in being given no script to work from and asked to entirely improvise.


Drinking Buddies is a waste of your time and I feel it’s a waste of mine to continue writing about it.


Story – 1/5

Style – 2/5

Technical – 3/5

Enjoyment – 1/5


Total: 7/20 = 3/10.