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Dead Poet’s Society is a standard coming-of-age story in which a teacher (Robin Williams) inspires young children at a boarding school to embrace their freedom – with mixed results. The story is rather predictable however some great dialogue and several astounding performances set the film apart from others of the same genre.

Robin Williams is at the crux of the film with his performance of the unconventional teacher who aims to inspire the young boys of his class. As the film develops we also see the characters develop particularly the extremely shy ‘Todd’ (Ethan Hawke) become a much more confident person who embraces his side. The performance by Hawke is amazing and shows why he went on to become the most successful of all the younger actors.

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The films has ‘twist’ ending that whilst a shock to some extent doesn’t quite have the desired impact because although it does add a tragic element to the story it just doesn’t fit the tone of the film and feels forced.


The film scores as follows:


Story – 2/5

Style – 4/5

Technical – 3/5

Enjoyment – 4/5


Total: 13/20 = 6/10