The Birdcage is a fantastic comedy romp which delivers a hilarious situation and great character interaction. It is truly hilarious from start to finish and one of a few films that to make me laugh out loud.

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The film follows Armand Goldman (Robin Williams) a gay, flirtatious nightclub owner. When his son decides he is getting married; Armand and his partner (and popular drag-queen) Albert (Nathan Lane) must pretend to be straight and upright citizens – for the father of the sons fiancée is a high-ranking and very right-wing politician (played by Gene Hackman). This obviously leads to countless jokes as the couple attempt to act masculine and also avoid touchy political subjects during the dinner.


The film is based on a 1973 French play ‘les Cage aux Folles’ and retains a very theatrical style both in the script and the performance. Much of the film is set in a single room with characters moving in and out to have private (and hilarious) discussions about what is going on. This style works very well and adds to the farcical nature of what the story; which although ridiculous raises some good points about societies homophobia which are still valid today.

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A mustachioed Robin Williams stands at the centre of the film as the head of the family and rather than be the creator of the jokes using slapstick (as he is in Mrs. Doubtfire) the jokes happen around him and allow him to show a different side of comic performances in reactions. He does this extremely well and dominates the screen – although Hank Azaria as butler Agador Spartacus does steal some scenes.

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The Birdcage is a fantastic film and I would rate it on par with Mrs. Doubtfire as being Robin Williams’s greatest comedy.


Story – 4/5

Style – 4/5

Technical – 3/5

Enjoyment – 5/5


Total: 16/20 = 8/10




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