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By some strange coincidence I decided to watch Good Will Hunting this morning; only to turn on my computer and discover the tragic news of Robin Williams’s passing. This post was already going to be a praise of the actors Oscar-winning performance however with the news of his death it is hard to praise it enough. I have also decided to dedicate the next several films in my challenge to Robin Williams and will therefore watch (and review) a collection of his works in order to pay a kind of personal tribute to a filmic genius.


Good Will Hunting follows Will Hunting (Matt Damon) a mathematical genius living in South Boston; who attempts to juggle two lives. His genius life and that of living in poverty. It is clear from the start of the film that his character is full of potential that is effectively getting wasted as he works as a janitor and spends his free time drinking with his best friend (Ben Affleck). It isn’t until his genius is discovered and he is forced to visit a therapist (Robin Williams) that he starts to see himself for what he is.

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The relationships between Will and the characters surrounding him are what drive the film with the most powerful probably being the one with his therapist. They two characters have many similarities in their lives which are drawn upon and although the therapy is supposed to be helping Will it is soon clear that the therapist himself is also being helped recover from the grief of a dead wife.


The film is made entirely realistically with some fantastically written scenes that are fully deserving of winning the awards they did. Robin Williams is also magnificent in one of his more serious roles; he really brings depth to his character and dominates every scene he is in; particularly towards the end of the film during the heartbreaking ‘it’s not your fault’ sequence.

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Good Will Hunting is an excellent movie; with great writing and a fantastic cast.


Story – 5/5

Style – 4/5

Technical – 5/5

Enjoyment – 4/5

The film scores a total of 18/20 or 9/20.