With Seventh Seal (1957) being the only other Bergman film I have watched – and I did rather enjoy it – I decided to use this challenge as a chance to really explore the directors work and I have to say I was disappointed by Wild Strawberries.

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Currently standing at #128 in IMDB’s top 250 and with a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 95% I was expecting to be blown away. However the film, whilst not being bad, was nowhere near the standard I expected. When I watched the Seventh Seal I remember being enthralled by the style and the look of the film and that is missing from Wild Strawberries.


The story of Wild Strawberries is fairly simple; an old man who with many regrets sets out on a road trip. Whilst on the road he discovers himself through the people he meets and also by literally re-visiting his memories. There is nothing exotic about the storyline and to be frank it was a little monotonous.

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The film is technically exquisite and also has a nice style – with several dream sequences looking particularly interesting, however my problem came in that I just couldn’t emote with the main character. I understand the idea of the story is to see ‘a cold man’ open up and change his ways however the character seen in this film is too cold and impossible to connect with; making the film difficult to watch.


Wild Strawberries is an average film and I honestly can’t understand how it is so highly appraised; it scores as follows:

Story – 3/10

Style – 4/10

Technical – 4/10

Enjoyment – 3/10


This equates to 7/10.