The latest film to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe is also perhaps the most outlandish. On the face of things you would think the film would be an unwatchable mess… I mean the plot essentially involves a human, a gun-wielding raccoon, a green woman, a wrestler and a talking tree team up to save a galaxy that isn’t even Earth. You would think that such a concept would be hard for a mass audience to accept – yet as early box office ratings and reviews have shown somehow Marvel have pulled it off and turned a highly ambitious project into a hit.

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Much of the film success comes down to its great use of comedy and the everyday man charm of Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), he is instantly relatable not only because he is a human but also because he is relaxed and witty on the outside, whilst also showing real emotion deep down. He carries this film for large portions and it is perfect casting.

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The script is also very clever and although the main villain seems a little weak it doesn’t matter because the film is about more than just winning. It’s about teamwork and friendship – two moral lessons generally missing from most other superhero films… the characters all mix together and the audience is given something to really like about each one. Be it Groot (Vin Diesel) constantly repeating his single line to Drax (Dave Bautista) wanting revenge for his murdered family. The most mind-blowing thought of all though is that all of these feeling are created in just two hours… I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a film that could bring so many characters into my heart in such a short of space of time and it is truly something to marvel (pun intended).

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The CGI in the film is as you would expect spectacularly done and although some of the non-CG characters are obviously fake they are never bad enough to distract you from what is really go on and I imagine most audience members would pass it by without a thought. Rocket (Bradley Cooper), the fast-talking raccoon looks particularly great with the detail in some of his close-ups fantastic.


I score the film as follows:

Story – 4/5

Style – 4/5

Technical – 5/5

Enjoyment – 4/5


Therefore the film receives 17/20 which equates to 8/10.