Bridge to Terabithia is a kids film – there is absolutely no doubt about that. It is aimed at children and follows the relationship of two friends who after being bullied at school create their own fantasy kingdom (Terabithia) in an attempt to escape from their problems.

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Now I was fully prepared to write a review slating this film completely for being a waste of my time (I watched it on recommendation of a friend) as it is full of cringe-worthy cheesy moments and obvious set-ups… or so it is until the last fifteen minutes. The last fifteen minutes deliver such a twist that it is nearly impossible to criticise the film; it turns everything around and goes from a crappy childrens-fantasy film into a depressing adult film – I have no idea how children would respond to the ending but to me it was heartbreaking and completely unexpected.

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When the film had finished I literally sat there in awe of what had happened as I couldn’t believe what has happened, and found my opinion on the rest of the film completely changed.


The film is fairly decently made with the Josh Hutcherson (now of Hunger Games fame) performing well and making it obvious why he was able to land big roles. The special effects are also used effectively as the film isn’t as CGI heavy as one might expect – sure there are fantasy creatures but they are understated and realistic… the film is more about the kids imaginations than showing off which is quite nice to see.

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The film scores as follows:

Story – 5/5 (entirely for the ending)

Style – 3/5

Technical – 3/5

Enjoyment – 3/5


The film therefore gets an aggregate score of 7/10.