Pinocchio is a film that I, as nearly every child does, watched at a young age; however it stands out to me as prior to today it was also the only Disney film which I did not recall. Strange as it is this film somehow passed me by in recent years and is a film which although I knew the basic plot – puppet comes to life wants to be a real boy – I couldn’t remember much else.


For a film made in 1940 and being an early Disney cinematic release it is fantastic looking film which has aged well. As with most hand-drawn animation if I had been asked to guess the year it was from by looking I would have struggled to get it down even to a decade; there is also nothing inside the film to date it which helps as it is set in a fictional town with no mention of even a country.

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The film has several moral lessons which it is aiming to teach the kids who watch it and it does not attempt to mask these as more recent animated films might. They are literally said out loud and repeated several times by a fairy; but this doesn’t take anything away from them as we still see the titular Pinocchio learn to be brave, truthful and unselfish through his own actions.

One thing that surprised me when watching the film was that perhaps the iconic thing about Pinocchio is his growing nose when he lies… however in the film this only happens once and is hardly a big deal – it is used more as a joke than anything else. This confused me as I somehow had the expectation that the nose would play a bigger role in the plot; as it does in Shrek 2.

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The one thing that does date this film and make it seem much older than say The Lion King is the amount of plot loopholes and discrepancies with physics which I struggled to accept; even in the context of the film. For example there is an entire underwater sequence in which neither Pinocchio or Jiminy Cricket need to come up for air – even though they’re talking to each other – then in the next scene Pinocchio is almost drowning. I found this too far-fetched and it really ruined the climax of the movie for me.

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Pinocchio is a good film and one that every child should watch, however as an adult it was a little too obvious and talk-downy so it can’t really achieve a high score.


Story – 3/5

Style – 4/5

Technical – 3/5

Enjoyment – 3/5


Giving the film a total of 13/20 = 6/10.