Premium Rush is an action-thriller set on the streets of New York and follows Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a fast-paced adventure as a delivery cyclist; and it certainly delivers what is expected… to some extent.

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The film is a hard one to describe because whilst it has many good qualities – the constant and super-intense cycling chases for example – it does not have an interesting narrative. Watching the film with all its jumps, tricks and use of 3D Maps I felt as if someone had realised that cycling could be filmed in a cool way and then written a film to support that.

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This means that the characters in the film are flat and even the lead, Wiley (played by Joseph Gorden-Levitt), comes across as an irritating douche-bag. When he’s on his bike looking for ways through the traffic, whilst being chased by the threatening Michael Shannon the film is one you can’t look away from. The problem comes when the story flashes back in time in an attempt to explain the plot; these not only kill the pacing but offer very little in terms of character development making the film drag. It just feels as if the film has been injected with filler, which is a real shame.

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Basically the film is difficult to summarise because I did enjoy parts of it and it was well made with some cool special effects and cinematography however I have been forced to score it as follows:


Story – 2/5

Style – 3/5

Technical – 4/5

Enjoyability – 3/5


This gives the film a score of 12/20 or 6/10.