Firstly apologies for the lateness of this posting but with Christmas and a taxing work schedule it was difficult to find the time to write things up. The Curse of the Jade Scorpion is a film which sees Allen parody film-noir in his unique style and is as always an odd interpretation. 


CW Briggs (Woody Allen) is a top investigator at an insurance firm; however after being hypnotised he finds himself under the spell of the ‘Jade Scorpion’ and forced to commit crimes. When he awakens from the spell he is then asked to investigate the crimes that he has forgotten he committed.


The film is fairly well written for what it is. It takes the typical kind of film noir narrative and characters and adds a unique twist that only Allen can provide; however the best moments come in a series of insults which Helen Hunt’s character hurls at Allen. 

Everytime Allen exits a scene with the two characters she sends him an insult that go from hilarious to ridiculous and make the scenes with these characters extremely interesting. 


The insults however are a tiny part of the film which drags out; mostly due to the laborious attitude of Allen’s character. Apparently Allen only acted in this film due to being unable to find a suitable actor and this makes perfect sense as Allen is far too old for the part and his stuttering attitude does not work with the serious character. This sets the tone of the film off as I was unsure whether the film was a farce of simple parody.




The film is tiring and suffers from terrible casting; upon watching I simply found myself waiting for it to end. 3 Woodys. Giving a total of 7.

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