Woody Allen once more plays an exaggerated version of himself; this time portraying a filmmaker, Val Waxman, who is past he peak and is given a last change to make a name for himself. However production of the film becomes filled with problems such as a non-english speaking cameraman, an over-the-top set designer and the fact it is produced by his ex-wife! These problems add up leading to an extremely entertaining and over-the-top twist.

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The twist of the story is by far the best part of this film. It is hard to discuss exactly what happens without producing a spoiler and therefore dare not say much.

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Allen is as usual the most interesting character and gets his satire spot on as he parodies the entire film industry and filmmaking process to a near perfect level; you can see that it is most likely based upon true stories that have happened to Allen over the years and that makes it all the more entertaining.

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The film although entertaining at points does span out slightly too long; many characters and scenes could be much shorter and more impactive and if I’m honest I have already begun to tire of Allen’s nihilistic character style.


The film scores 7.75 on the Allen scale with Jewish references being the main features missing.


Hollywood Ending is an ok film that is however nothing special; it has an interesting story but does however drag out a little. I therefore give it 3 Woody’s allowing it a total of 7.

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