Anything Else is a film which demonstrates all typical Woody Alleneque features that can be expected but also one which fails to engage its audience and shows the pitfalls of his filmmaking style.


Jerry (Jason Biggs), a up & coming comedy writer, is afraid of being alone and is thus stuck in a relationship with a woman who cheats on him and in a contract with an unhelpful agent (Danny DeVito). When he meets an older comedian David (Woody Allen), Jerry begins to take his life into his own hands.


The film is extremely similar to the previously watched film Whatever Works with the only real difference between the two being that Jason Biggs is much younger than Larry David’s character and that this film is rescued by two performances; those of Danny DeVito and Woody Allen. Every scene involving either of these actors is fantastic; particularly those with DeVito (whose part is small but vital); they get their characters correct to the tee and create some great comic moments.

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The film also highlights many of Allen’s obsessions namely psycho-analysis and Jewish oppression which are constantly referenced. The plot is all over the place with large periods of dull conversations followed by scenes that are extremely chaotic. These chaotic scenes are well out together using split-screen to show several different conversations going on at the same time.

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The problem with the film is that it is simply boring. The characters are caricature like and dull; the story isn’t much better and the dialogue seems forced. The film raises questions about life, death and love; but doesn’t make an attempt to make them seem legitimate. Jason Biggs looks like he is out of his depth in the role and this is felt as scenes often feel slow and tedious.



This film is the first film in the challenge to score a 10/10 on the Allen scale as it epitomises everything that is to be expected in an Allen film.

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Anything Else isn’t a great movie and to be honest it isn’t even a good movie. It is probably one of the worst I have seen thus far in the challenge and is therefore awarded just 1 Woody which gives it a total of 6, something far higher than it really deserves.

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